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 Read Before Posting!

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PostSubject: Read Before Posting!   Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:03 pm

It's quite simple really. Just fill out the information below, practice/scrim with us, and maintain a passion for becoming an epic a/w player like we strive to be!

Please name your thread as: "Quake Live: {Quake Live Name}"

Example: Quake Live: AnthemX

Quake Live Name:
Quake 3 Names:
Real name:
How long you have played quake 3 and/or Quake Live:
Past a/w clans:
Screenshots or Demos (no quake 3 demos):

Please post, along with the information above, a screenshot showing your name and your tiers on quake live as such:

To download this plug-in for Mozilla Firefox visit the following:



Good luck! Smile

To ensure that you get introduced to our members and we get to know you a little better, it's suggested that you add all our members' xfires and get to know us as a clan and as a family. The clan's xfires can be found HERE.

REMEMBER we are a family-oriented clan. Get to know us, play with us, talk to us, and treat us like you would a family member. We like to know exactly who we are letting in to our clan, so PLEASE MAKE AN INTRODUCTION TOPIC. Smile


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Read Before Posting!
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