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PostSubject: Commands   Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:30 am

/callvote map

/callvote map '6++, charon3dm13, cpm3a, cpm4, cpm22, cpm25, ospdm1, ospdm5, ospdm6, overkill, pro-q3tourney7, rota3tourney1, ztn3toruney1'

/callvote exec maplist.cfg

The list of maps (see above) will be displayed in game.

/callvote exec

/callvote exec '1v1, awtdm, cpm1v1, cpmawtdm, cpmctf, cpmlms, ctf, ffa, lms, ran'

/callvote exec configlist.cfg

The list of configuration files that can be executed on the server (see above) will be displayed in game.

/callvote map_restart

The map will be restarted upon the approval of this vote.

/callvote exec items.cfg

When playing on the 1v1 config on any other map than q3dm6, exec this config to reset the weapons to their normal state.


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