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 How to get .32 and other mods

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PostSubject: How to get .32 and other mods   Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:38 am

These are quick and easy steps to download and start playing on Quake Version 1.32 (if you don't already).

First, go to your quake folder and make a new folder called Q-1.32n. Inside that folder, make a new folder called baseq3.

Next, go to http://www.quakeunity.com/file=1150 and download the .32 point release and save it in your quake folder. Then get your pak0.pk3 from your .16 folder and put it in your new baseq3. Leave pak2.pk3.

Once the .32 release finishes downloading, run it and save it.

That should be it and then you're ready to play! Smile

Then download the mods


all can be found @ www.quakeunity.com


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How to get .32 and other mods
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